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About us

OMNIRENT is shaping a more connected & efficient future for the construction equipment rental industry, creating a valuable legacy with positive impact and transforming the way people think, act and operate on their daily operations.

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About Omnirent


Why Omnirent?

Omnirent is designed to empower our customers' projects and businesses by providing the smartest choices of highest-quality, reliable and eco-friendly equipment.

Our DNA is built to simplify the rental process through innovative technology, exceptional and a deep understanding of our clients' needs. We exist to understand and support our clients facing their deepest fears and challenges when it comes to construction equipment. Just as the Eternal Knot represents infinite connections, we live to connect our customers with the ideal equipment solutions, ensuring efficiency, safety, and success in their endeavors.

"With more than 25 years of constant innovation in equipment rental & in rental related digital solutions, I envision OMNIRENT evolving into a platform that not only meets the immediate needs of our customers but also anticipates future trends and challenges, leading the way in innovation and environmental stewardship."

Stefan Ponea Founder & CEO



We strive to do the right thing. Always. Even when nobody is watching.


Sharing the fruits of our labor equitably, morally, socially, and economically.


We hate “good enough”, aiming for excellence in every aspect of our business.


We use 100% of available resources with limited to zero waste.


We passionately develop new breakthrough technologies.

We empower you


Spending the right resources for the best outcome drives us to select the best construction equipment available for you 100% digitally, with transparent and live reporting, while focusing on 100% uptime and best use scenario for each of your projects.

What are we offering?

Once on-board MyOMNI, our innovative rental platform, you may:
Choose, view, sign, rent, end rent, report, pay, analyze everything while on the go, headaches & paperless free. Customize every available service to suit your needs with ease.

We make our services available to a limited range of premium customers, like yourself, focusing on sharing common values that gather us together around the same purposes.

My Omny




Company Foundation

Drawing from the rich history of Stefan Ponea & his team during his previous enterprise, Industrial Access, OMNIRENT emerges as a fresh startup with deep roots in the international equipment rental industry. OMNIRENT encapsulates the essence of over two decades of market leadership and innovation, with Ponea at the helm bringing his extensive experience and numerous accolades into this new venture.

Under Ponea's guidance, Industrial Access grew from a fledgling company in 2005 to the largest independent powered access rental company in the Balkans. It was recognized for its premium rental fleet and diverse range of equipment, serving various sectors with operational excellence. The company's growth trajectory saw it expand across Romania, Balkans, while having project based sites as far as Azerbaijan and West Africa, as well as Western Europe, building a substantial presence with a commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.


Received Financing

Capturing the attention of a local VC fund in 2007, Industrial Access represented a premiere investment in the Romanian rental market and opened a long path for innovation and rewarding achievements, both at European and international level.


The sale of the company to a strategic investor

Later on, the VC fund and the founder had a successful sale of 100% Industrial Access shares in late 2016 to a strategic investor, once more reaffirming the value and potential that Ponea's leadership brought to the table.


Reaching a peak of 45% market share in equipment rentals

Industrial Access was the first highly profitable rental business acquired by such player in Romania, which peaked 45% market share at the end of 2022, under 18 years of Ponea visionary leadership, having strong values and loyal team-members at its core.



His dedication to operational visibility and excellence, coupled with a strategy that prioritized operational excellence and a strong return on investment, positioned the company as a leader in its geographic markets. OMNIRENT is set to channel this legacy of success into a bright future, leveraging Ponea's vision for digital transformation in the equipment rental market. With a foundation built on innovative rental software solutions and a keen understanding of customer-centric service, with the help of fresh new team members, OMNIRENT aims to redefine the what the best rental experience should look like for the most demanding customers, at a click.

The company's commitment to efficiency and sustainability is a testament to Ponea's foresight and principles, which have been instrumental in shaping his storied career and the industry at large.


I am looking for you!

Join a team of bold, enthusiastic individuals dedicated to continuous improvement every day. Do you want to be one of us?