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Your new partner for rental equipment

Model a more connected and efficient future for the construction equipment rental industry, creating a valuable legacy with a positive impact.

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"With more than 25 years of constant innovation in equipment rental & in rental related digital solutions, I envision OMNIRENT evolving into a platform that not only meets the immediate needs of our customers but also anticipates future trends and challenges, leading the way in innovation and environmental stewardship."

Stefan Ponea Founder & CEO

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Stefan Ponea - Founder & CEO With over 25 years of experience in the equipment rental market, Stefan is a visionary who introduced market-shaping innovations and earned most wanted international rental industry awards. His expertise and leadership have been the driving force behind OMNIRENT's success, ensuring that the team always stays ahead of industry trends, helping customers on their daily operations, as a loyal & reliable servant in achieving their goals.

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On our cutting-edge rental platform, manage everything hassle-free, paperless, on the go right from your smartphone. Customize every available service to suit your needs with ease.

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